Saturday, July 21, 2012

Introducing the LCHF diet (lov carb high fat)

Some of you have been asking me about my current diet program so I thought I would link you some very informative videoes and websites that you guys can ckeck out:-)

I got pretty tired of the damn diet shakes - as predicted so I was in desperate need of something new.
I've only been on the LCHF since monday but I'm starting to feel some effect already!

Basically LCHF diet is build around the fact that our digestive system hasn't really evolved since the stoneage...therefor we shouldn't stuff our selves with carbs and grain since there was non of that in our diets back then.

I approximately eat 60%fat/25%protein/15%carb during the day.
The ground rule is that you only eat vegetables that grow obove the earth (so no popatoes or carrots).

I will be making a video explaing to you guys how it works and what my experienceses are with it.
Meanwhile please take a closer look at these videos: (the official website for LCHF in english)

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