Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Picture Perfect" wig by Forever Young in color 8-12-24

I'm of to a fair in a minute but before I go I wanted to post my new youtube video where I show you my other Picture perfect that I have in the color 8-12-24.

I thought you should see it in real life because it looks much much darker on the model that displays it than it really is.

So just a little warning for you if you want a dark wig - you don't get the color that you see on the picture:-)

If you want to see a whole review on this lovely piece please go to:

Note: Joey had been annoying througout the entire day so if I seem a bit ticked of there is a reason - I of corse love that little devil to death;-)

 Hope you guys enjoy this video.
See you guys soon!

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