Friday, February 10, 2012

How I wear my wigs

After wearing wigs for some time now I have perfected my wig looks so that they look as natural as possible.
Here are my best tips for you:

When wearing a full cap wig:
Always take some of your real hair out in the front.
Here you can se how it looks when you take your hair out in the front
If you want to wear your wig in an updo or just with some pins in the sides you should always take som of your hair out in the sides aswell.
It just gives a more natural look....and your own hair does not need to be exactly the color of wig to pull it off;-)

If you are wearing a front lace:
I think that lace fronts look most natural on colored women. I have tried many different brands (but not the really expensive ones that are like 100% handmade) and the lace NEVER looks like your own skin.
So what I like to do is this:

I make a part in my own hair - just like I do when not wearing a wig.
Then put the front lace on top of your parting and make the lace an extension of that parting.
Here is a picture of it :
I really don't have a better picture of it but hope you can see what I mean:-)
When wearing front lace wigs like this - your hair color should be as close to the wigs as possible.
To me personally this is the ONLY way I can wear a front lace and go out the door looking natural.
This is also a great way to getmore parting space on your cheap frontals because you create a parting with your natural hair:-)

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