Monday, October 8, 2012

Dip dyed hair - a trend for fall

 So where did this trend even come from?!?...
I must admit that I'm having mixed feelings about it. Some of it looks very pretty and awesome but aome of it just looks like s**t....

I've also noticed that this trend can be devided into two groups; crazy dip dye and natural dip dye. Let me show you what I mean...



Well there you go....I guess it's no secret which one I'm a fan of^^
It's not because I don't like the colorful contrasts - I really do I just can't see my self wearing it out on a regular day to school.
To a party, absolutely! ....I'm just that boring:-P

I guess I've proven my point for today:-P
Take care sweet readers!
Hugs Maja

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