Friday, March 30, 2012

Wig review "Cala" by Sepia

              Time for a new wig review!!!

Brand: Sepia
Style:  Cala
Color:  1b                                         


I really like this one!
I will order some more of this style later this year in some lighter colors because this is a beauty:-)
The hair texture is absolutely AMAZING! It's made of futura fibers and they feel and look as if it was real hair and who wouldb't like that?! :-D

BTW sorry if I act a bit crazy in this vid - I get like that sometimes when I get too much coke :-P

New running set from Craft and a new record!

Today is pay day so I went to my local sports store and bought some new fitness clothes.
A whole set actually ^^
A running jacket some capri pants and a t-shirt in pink:-)


I need the jacket for our beach house vacation where I plan to run every day. It's wind resistant and water proof so that's cool

I have already tried the pants and the t-shirt and I don't know if it was the clothes or not but I ran a 5k in 34:53 minutes!
That's my new record so I'm very pleased! 

It's super cute on me with the pants:- It's so nice to buy some new clothes - it kind of motivates you to go on and do even better!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pics of new comp, todays outfit for bodypump and my new make-up brushes are finally here!

It's just a lovely day today:-)
Just getting ready to go to the gym for my two workout classes;
Cxworks and bodypump but wanted to post some pics of our new baby notebook and my make-up brushes:-)

The brushes came in this fine looking leather pouch

The brushes are 100% real hair and extremely pleasant to work with:-) well worth the price!Bought on


Gucci was helping Lasse with the computer:-)


My Edd Hardy cap some sweat pants and a fitness top:-)

Me and my guns:-P
Well that's it from me today - I'm on my way out to gain some muscles and tonight when I come home I'm gonna play some sims on the new computer:-)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Getting comfy:-)

Since Lasse is playing with the new notebook and installing all the necessary things on it I have all the evening to my self ^^

Some times that's the best evenings:-)
So tonight I'm gonna browse around on the net for new wigs, clothes and fasion and just hang out with my self and the doggies!

No make up no nothing - just me:-) Wearing an oversized cardigan - I love that color!

just before taking this picture my husband complimented me on  how thin I've gotten:-D

,,,That kinda made my day:-D
Have a great evening everybody! 

My computer broke:-S

So Monday morning I woke up and tried to open my computer but it wouldn't start.
I had my very own computer expert (Lasse is a medialogist) to look at it and unfortunately it wasn't to fix so I couldn't write on my blog before today where we went out to bay a new computer:-D

I LOVE it it's an ASUS notebook n53s series and it's perfect:-D 

I'm gonna take some pics of it later but here are some look of the day pics from yesterday where we had the inlaws for dinner.

Just a casual look with an oversize sweater and a embroided top underneath.

I'll write more often now that I have the new computer:-)
But everything is great!
Take care!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My weight loss journey - week 5 update

So it's that time of the week already you guys:-)

Today I weigh:

I lost:

I'm a bit disappointed because I don't feel that the scale is reflecting all my hard work this week but I just have to exercise even more next week and I'm sure I'll loose more weight next Sunday - otherwise this is gonna take a whole more time that I planned it to... 

As I also explain in the video I just couldn't get my head around shooting the actual weigh in with my camera this morning - not with out the coffee and since I wanted weight to be as accurate as possible I couldn't drink any coffee first so in stead you can see a picture of my weight from earlier today here.

The weight is comming of sooo slowly....stupid scale!

Have a great fat loosing week you guys!
Don't give up and thanks for watching!
Lots of love

Friday, March 23, 2012

Running a 5k under 30 minutes

That's like my biggest goal right now...
And in the nearest future I will be able to do it;-) And then I will do a 10k this summer:-D

Today I ran 5 k on my treadmill in 36 minutes and 20 seconds!

I had to get my feet of the treadmill in order to take a still pic but it said 36:20 when I reached the 5k:-)
I'm getting there! :-D

Heres a picture of our first flowers in the garden:-)

 See you guys Sunday for my 5th weight loss update! - I'm super excited and I really don't know what to expect...hoping for the best and wishing you all a super weekend! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wig review - Obsession by Forever young

This wig is just so amazing I find new things to do with this one all the time - it really has endless possibilities!

Brand:Forever young
Bought at:

Hope you enjoy and sorry for Gucci's interruption:-/

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pics of me at the gym earlier today

I kinda sinned yesterday:-/
Ate like 1000 calories too much so off to the gym I was sweating the fat away!

I will not give up I just need to continue with what I'm doing and not let a slip ruin it all for me.

I really hate to slip though:-/ It sucks sooo bad!....Now I will have to train even harder for the rest of this week so that I can get rid of the extra calories - I really want there to be a difference on the scale when I weigh in on Sunday.

It's important to build muscles when you're on a weight loss journey

I ran a 5k in 37minutes and 35 seconds today!
My goal is to be able to run a 5k in under a 30 minutes :-)

...there's a loong way! 

I love the local gym I go to - there are almost no people if you come before noon ;-)

Remember always to train your breast muscles - it lifts the ladies AND give you a fuller chest area;-)

My usual training routine consist of:
  • Running a 5 k as quickly as I can on the treadmill (That's about 325calories).
  • Body tone with weights and machines upper body the one time and legs/butt the next time. 

If I sinned really bad I do 600 calories on various cardio machines and then the body toning.

So thanks for taking a look into my fitness life:-D

I hope you guys are doing good <3

  • Just don't give up if you slip one time!

  • Just get up and do something and you'll feel a lot better!

  • You don't have to feel fat and ugly for the rest of your life - it's up to you:-)