Thursday, August 30, 2012

Where to buy cheap UGG Australia online

Ihhhhh!! I could cry over how much I neeeeed a pair of Ugg boots for this fall:-D

I'm torned between the short Bailey botton boot and the short classical boot in either brown or dark brown.
The really crappy thing about these shoes is the price! They cost quite a bit of money and even though they are worth every penny I still want to find them as cheap as possible because the cheaper I buy them the more money I have to spend on other fashion items;-)

I've been able to track down a couple of web shops with a sale onUgg Australia boots.
...One thing is certain - I'm not buying them here in DK, OMG they cost over 250 US$ here:-/
The first website is: and this is one of my favorite place to shop shoes:-)
Right now they are having a sale on uggs so you can save up to55% on them!
Another site I've found is: they also have a sale going on AND you get additional 10% off if you're a student;-)
Finally there is the official site:
If you guys know of another website that sell Ugg Australia boots for cheaps I would be forver greatful if you would take the time to comment me the link:-)
Ok, I'm off for today:-)
Have a great day!

1 comment:

  1. Wow amazing shoes.. I must say, Shopping online Australia is like, you buy the quality.. but yea the creepy thing is its price ..So I always prefer discount shopping..



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