Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween pumpkin ideas!

We love halloween here at home - even though it isn't a danish holliday!
Well some people do celebrate it in dk as well but bostly young people and young families.

Every year we go and buy us some big pumpkins and carve awesome faces into them (followed by about a weeks time pumpkin soup).   

We usually find ideas for our faces on the internet so I thought I also would try do a little post with inspirations for pumpkin heads and maby help to inspire you guys:-) Hope you like it!

On halloween night we have almost a tradition for watching scary movies. We decorate the living room with candles and halloween stuff and stay up late - it's usually super fun!

Some people also have halloween costume parties here in DK. It's been a while since the last one I've been to but this year we have actually been talking about throwing one for some of our closest friends:-)

 Okay that's all from me for today!
Hope you're having an awesome day:-)
See you guys tomorrow where it's time for another video ^^

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