Thursday, March 1, 2012

My DIY Halo/flip in Extensions:-) Extensions without clips!

They are just so easy to make and so quick to take in and out of your own hair:-)

Some questions that I have anwsered:

1. Doesn't the "fishing" line hurt?
    -No, the hair on the halo isn't that heavy so you don't really notice that the hair is being held by the line. It's not painful at all! As a matter a fact I find this method much more comfortable to wear than clips:-)

2. Does this method damage my hair?
    - No it's very gentle and is used for extending children's hair (for pageant, modeling and stuff).

3. I don't seem to get how to attach the fishing line in place?
    - Just put it under your glued weft, put it to your head and measure how much fishing line you'll need to have it all around your head. Then just glue/sow the line under the glued wefts:-)

ps: I will make a video with exact step-by-step instructions as soon as I will get some new extensions:-)

pps: You can try to google or youtube flip in/halo extensions if youd like some more info about this method - it's the same thing as the homemade ones...(you just get a more customized/cheap and voluminous hair set with the DYI method).

I hope you enjoy and if there is anything you'd like to know please write and I'll try to answer:-)     

1 comment:

  1. lol watched u on you tube and then couldnt find u! thank god for google!! u are now book marked lol x am making my halo soon with some synthtic extentions as wasnt keen on making a mess with my real ones lol xx



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