Friday, September 28, 2012

Look of the day - autumn trends!

I wanted to trend my look up for today:-)
I'm going away for the weekend and that always gives me a good excuse to try some bolder looks out - after all, no one knows you so you have plenty of room for wardrobe errors!

What I'm wearing:

Mustard yellow lace dress: from She likes clothing

Scarf w. owl print: from NewYorker

Leggings: Bik Bok

Blazer w. elbow patches:  from H&M 

Bag: from Mulberry

Boots: Whooga

                          My accessories:

Blue earings: from Accessorize

Medallion necklace: from a second hand store 

Make up: Very natural and casual looking.


...Okay, now I'm off to enjoy my self and my weekend away from all the stress and resposibilities!
Hope you liked my outfit of the day! It's really fun to experiment with this seasons trends:-D


How to ease winter depression

I really wanted to do this video for you because a lot of people are suffering from winter depressions.
Some just feel it as lack of energy and others again have more serious symptoms such as bigger appetite, felling sad, sleeping bad and so on.

I have been working with people with winter depressions through my education (social study) and through my work but I also know what winter depression feels like on a personal level because I too suffer from it almost every year.

Since I can't use any medication (they just don't sit well with me at all) I've been researching other means to ease the symptoms and found some VERY easy to follow and effective ways:-)
-After all it's all about getting those endorphines running through your body, right?!

ps. Sorry for not using the right turns for all the "happy hormones" I just don't know the names in english:-P
Stay safe and have a great winter!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Look of the day - midsummer colors!

It's such nice weather today! The sun is shining from a light blue sky and the golden leafs on the trees made me want to wear something really casual and colorful!...

I'm not gonna lie, today we're off to the beach where I'm planning to eat my brains out in icecream!! :-D...

...So while I'm having my (propably) last icecream of the year and enjoying myself I hope you guys are having a great day as well and that the sun is shining where you live:-)...

So sorry fot such a short post today but I'll be back tomorrow with a video about something a bit less "superficial" than usually!

Big hugs

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The cosy corner

Now that the weather is changing and becoming more rainfull and cold we're probably gonna spend more time indoors. That, however, doesn't have to bee a bad thing!

With a litlle imagination and creativity you can transform your livvingroom/room/bedroom into a cosy sanctuary where you can rest and fuel up for the next day:-)

TIP: A couple of new nick nack items might just do the trick to "cosy up" you old dresser/shelf!

 A brand new bed blanket, some fresh flowers or perhaps some more fluffy pillows might just do the trick to transform your boring bedroom into the most cosy room of the house:-)
Now one of the most powerful things you can do to get a nice atmosphere  going is to light up candles! Make some cute centerpieces with seasonal decorations such as golden leafs or even nuts!

You can get all kinds of candles in different shapes and colors.....also try to get the scented ones - some of them really smells heavenly!...(my favourite right now is the orange scented ones).

You dont have to spend a fortune in order to make your home a great place to have fun and lovely moments!

Try your local second hand stores to see if you can scavange some vintage items!

Who knows, maby you'll be lucky to find some material for a new set of curtains or a new vase for your chestnut branches?

"Firelight will not let you read fine stories but it's warm and you won't see the dust on the floor.  ~Irish Proverb"

TIP: Nothing makes you more warm and fuzzy inside than a nice hot cup of tea, hot chocolate or simply a good glass of vine!


So there you go! Just some ideas on how you easily can give your home a more appealing and cosy atmosphere:-)
I'm curious! What do you guys to to make the "dark" winter more cosy and fuzzy???

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My weight loss journey with LCHF and INSANITY ^^

It's been very crazy over here in "Maja-land" ao I really haven't had the time and energy to make a video in time - so sorry!:-/

I'm at day 3 now in my 60 days INSANITY challenge and I'm really in a lot of pain due to all those crazy things we're doing in these dvd's!

In order to keep up I've had to increase my carb intage to approx 30% of my daily intake so that sucks a bit because my body isn't all thrilled about it. but I just hope this is gonna transform my body as all the other participants in the video:-)

Anyway, here's som,e links for you if you want to look in to the INSANITY workout:


Monday, September 24, 2012

Hippie boho attempt no. 1

It was a slooooow day today so I decided to clean out my closet.
Since I really don't do that very often it was sort of a "shopping" experience for me to go through all my old stuff which I had forgot about:-)

I actually found some pretty nice pieces amongs all my old crap and decided to play around with them by mixing them together.  (When I get bored I tend to get quite creative:-P)
My inspiration was the more hippie bohememian style that you find on celebrities such as the Olsen twins:-)....oh and be nice - I'm posing "au de natural" on these pictures - so no make up:-P
The cardigan is from a brand called VILA - I bought it a couple of years ago and I just can't seem to part with it:-) I'm wearing my old elastic headband and an old knitted creme belt as accessories..oh and my new Ugg's (It can't be all vintage you know!)...

I'm wearing a tea dyed dress with lace at the buttom. The scarf is an ancient thing that I found on sale.
 So what do you guys think? Did I manage to pull the look with these old pieces?

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I'm taking on a new challenge...the 60 days insanity excercise programme!

My hubby just got it for him self but when I saw some of the results that people have with this programme I just knew I had to do it with him!

Basically Insanity is a 6 days a week programme where you do crazy hard cardio and muscle toning rutines. You can try and google insanity or simply watch some of the awesome videos on YoTube if you want to know a bit more about it:-)

We start TODAY so you'll be hearing a bit more about it as I (hopefully) progress and I'll probably talk about it in my weekly weight loss videos every sunday/monday either here or on my YouTube channel:-) 

Allright I'm off! Have a great Sunday and see you all tomorrow!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's never to cold for boho!

We can't avoid it...not us here in the cold north's getting colder and soon the sun will be replaced by rain, wind and dark clouds.

But hey! That's no reason to stop dressing stylish:-) As matter a fact I find autumn to be the most stylish season of them all! Perhaps because you get to dress in layers and you can accessorize with glowes and hats and big cosy scarfs:-)

I've been browsing a bit for some inspiration for this season and here's just a little sample of what I found for you guys! Hope you enjoy and get inspired!:-)
As you can see form the pictures big scarfs are IN - the key mord is BIG so get your knitwear and start knitting! xD

Flower patterns, brown suede and oversized cardigans are a must in every bohemian wardrope this year...maby you can re-use some of your dresses from this summer?...
The gipsy patterns are also to bee seen almost everywhere this fall in both tuniques, skirts and dresses and these should be made from light materials complemented with big chunky sweathers, knitted cardigans or fur/suede:-)....try to search your local second hand stores:-)
This hat is so cute!....Don't forget big chunky jewelery to complete your boho look:-)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Whooga Ugg boots review

I finally got arund making this review:-)
Hope you guys find it useful!
I absolutely recommend this brand and webshop - they came here so fast after placing my order!

Brand: Whooga

Model: Classic Tall

Color: Chocolate brown

stars - 1-5: * * * * *

You can buy them here:

Alright! that's it from me today:-)
Enjoy the video and see you all tomorrow!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Look of the day - Jewelery thrift shopping!:-)

Thrift shopping is so damn addictive!
I've been at it again and this time we visited two different shops to scoup up some awesome jewelery items for autumn:-)


  •  I went with my new knitted mini dress in these awesome autumn colors which I simply adore! 
  • I have my new minty colored scarf (form last time I was thrift shopping). 
  •  For accessories I used a rusty red leather head band, my brown leather belt and my big leo printed tote (the bigger the bag the more room for ones finds xD) 
  •  Lastly I paired it all with some panty hose, my warm black kneehigh socks and ugg's:-)



 I found this beautiful medalion the first place we went and it was love at first sight!
I payed around 2 dollars for it:-)

This bracelet was brand new and I got it for about a dollar:-) It's super cote and has a lot of pretty charms as feathers, keys, hearts and a butterfly!

...And last but not least I got all of these cool bracelets! I think it was a profitable day where I got some unique pieces - and the best part is that i got all of it for under 6 dollars!...yay!:-P

Make sure to tune in tomorrow where I'm gonna post my video review of my new Whooga Ugg's:)

...can't wait that long?...then visit my YouTube channel tonight for the ultra fresh video:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Boho Hobo...

Well there's only one way of describing my relationship with bags - I'm crazy about them!!!...
The sad part is that the ones I tend to love really much always cost more than my rent, my car AND my bills combined!:-/
My all time favourite brand is Mulberry and Miu's like they make bags just for me:-)
But hey, I'm not picky! A lovely Gucci hobo bag from the Guccissima colletction or a hot Balenciaga would do juuuust fine :-P

But even though I can't afford to go out and buy a new designer bag every month I still like to browse (drool) and get inspired from the "big guns" in the fashion world - at least that's free:-)

The bag fashion for the bohemian girl seams to be very similar to last season.
Hobo bags with as many charms, feathers and fringes as possible and big totes are always a hit!
Just think that the bag should look droopy and soft:-)

If you like patterns on your bags then try to find some in animal print (leopartd is back!), gipsy styled patterns and orientals.
Suede is very popular so don't be affraid to experiment with different colors and shades. Have you for example tried looking for a mustard or rusty red suede bag?...

TIP: Don't be affraid to give your old bag a make over!
A couple of charms, a little feather or some neat badges might just do the trick;-)
...*sigh*...I wish I could win the lottery!

But while I'm waiting for that to happen I'm sure I can get a lot of fun out of the bags I have...It's all about being creative:)


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