Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To school, to luch to school again!

Well the new week began just as abrupt as the last one...the weekend went so fast!!!
Today I went out for lunch with my darling - that was a nice break from it all:-)
We went to a Chinese place and had some Chop Sui...yummy!
Afterwards it was back to school for another round of "social injustice" at school:-)

Tonight I'm gonna play Eden Eternal with Lasse....a new game I've heard about from another blog..it's free and super fun - kinda like "WOW meets my little pony" hehe...looking forward to it:-)

Look of the day; "Business nymph"
Getting ready for school

"Did I remember my Lipgloss?"....yup, the lipgloss was there!:-)

At school;

Sooo tired! Had classes till 15:50.

Took a picture of my "homemade" decopage calender...! LOVE IT! It's SO urban nymph:-D

.....still tired....can't wait to get home and play Eden Eternal!..(It's important to have some fun and take breaks when you're busy) =o)

 My lunch break with Lasse;

"Hey sweetie - ready?" - "let's go!".

.....stopping for gas on the way...

Tasty spring rolls!:-D
We LOVE Chinese food...that's like our favorite! 

There was a bottle on the table "vine of the month" so we decided to have some fun with it...don't worry we didn't drink it;-)

It was a lovely lunch break:-)
Later that day....

The gaming area :-D...Lasse took our tv and hooked it to his laptop for max gaming ecperience:-P

It's gonna be a great evening!

...Nothing says "Game on" like an ice cold beer;-)

Have a great evening!
If your "in game" say hi - my name is Mallina and I'm on aquamarine;-)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Evidence of spring!

Today we woke up to a beautiful weather!
The sun was shining, the birds were singing outside our bedroom window, there was no wind and the sky was as blue as ever! So naturally we decided to take the doggies to our favorite lake nearby.
We took some pictures that I thought could be fun to post here....it gives a great picture of how danish nature is:-)
Hope you enjoy!

We feel very blessed to be living near such a beautiful landscape!

The kidz got a really long walk...they LOVED it!:-)

I went for a casual look today: Just some sweat pants a cardigan and my Hunter wellingtons:-)

A little break before we go on!

A little forest creek that goes all the way to the lake

Lasse took pictures as well - he has this great prof. camera so his pics are much better:-)

There is a little mole that goes out to the lake

Heather in winter (we have a lot of heather in DK)
Some baby heather - a sign that spring is here!

Ready to go home...the dogs were so tired in the end!

Spring love<3
It was a super fun trip and we got some really cool pictures.
The temperature was about 8 degrees (celcius) and the lake was booming with life!
Hope you had a great Sunday everyone!

My weight loss journey - 1 week update

One week has passed and I've done an okay job considering how busy the week has been.
Just updating and talking about how the week has passed regarding the weight loss:-)
By the way I have a new goal due to a "tiny jeans" incident that I will be explaining in the video.
There's some tips for you about how I get by my cravings as well...oh and there's a special guest starring from my doggies:-) 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Secondhand treasures!

So today we went shopping.
One of the coolest places that we went (and I love this store) was the big second hand store/mall that we have.
I love second hand/vintage stuff - it's good for the enviroment and it's cheap...and once in a while you can actually find some hidden treasures as well:-)

Last time we went treasure hunting at a second hand store we discovered a Burberry coat!!!..AND it was cheap too! ^^ so..yeah ..it's defenently worth going there:-)
I'm very pleased with my purchases this tme as well - take a look:

This vest is from Zizi. It has a lovely brown suede texsture , a belt so you can adjust the fit and the cool fur in front..(all fake of course)..it's lovely and you can't even tell that it is second hand! 

A girl can't have enough jackets! This beauty is from Dranella:-) The buttons are pearly and shine so it's a perfect party jacket for me...it has a loose fit and looks really sexy open with a little top underneath! ...oh and it has flowers embroided in the back as well:-)..pretty!

It's crazy how sexy this top is! It has a little top underneath that you can't see on the picture. It has a cool belt, the sleeves fall on the sides giving the top a "butterfly" effect...it's very feminin and it has a long crack (?) in the back so my tatto is showing in it....I think I'll be wearing this piece tonight!
So thats what I found this time and I'm quite happy with my purchases:)

Oh..and here's some pics of what I was wearing out shopping!

I love this sweater...it's one of my favorites!

A casual yet stylish look! I fotograph horribly but I actually found my self looking quite good for once;-P

And now I will go and prepare my self for tonight! 
Were meeting up with some friends for a nice dinner at our favorite steakhouse and then we are going to see a stand up show with 3 of the most popular danish stand uppers so it's gonna be a great evening!:-D

Have a lovely weekend! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lasagna, red vine and a movie

I love lasagna! And it's my husbands favorite dish so I thought that I would make one :-)
It has been a crazy week so I thought we should start the weekend with a good movie while splitting a bottle of a good red vine and a proper homemade dish that we both love:-)

I have my new favorite cardigan on today.
I was going for a more spring-inspired look:-)

I'm wearing my beaded t-shirt on ..it's in color cremepuff ...how cute a name is that?!:-D...hehe naming a color powderpuff:-P 

Rocking my brown bamboo bracelet

We had a lot of fun taking these pictures:-)


It tasted SO good! yum:-P

There's a whole new workout class comming to my gym that I have been thinking of trying out.
I LOVE to dance and have danced both for fun and professionally so I think this could be something I'll enjoy:-)
Here's a little introduction video that I found:-)

Looks like a lot of fun to me :-) 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wig review - "Vintage vixen" by Forever Young

Time for another wig review!

This time I'm reviewing:
Name:Vintage Vixen
Brand:Forever Young

I forgot how pretty she is:-) The curls are adorable!
It's a great style that can be worn both as a casual style and as a party style so she's very versatile:-)

Hope you enjoy<3 

Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel and subscribe if you like;-)
Thanks for watching<3

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A new star is born! X-factor haul=-D

This is the danish anwser to the world famous X-factor tv show....and this is Morten Benjamin:-)
Oh how I melt when hearng his voice:-)...*sigh*....anyway...listen, watch and fall in love like me...Morten Benjamin - a new start is born:-)
Song: Titanium by David Guetta

And here's how it sounds when it's the real deal;-)

 I know excactly what I prefer;-P
Morten Benjamin - the best singer in this yers x-factor this year!!!!

Oh..and tjeck out these two as well...something tells me you will hear more from them soon:-)

Meet Ida:

And LIne (onæy 17 years old):

Stupid tiny jeans!

I think it's just one of those days for me where you just have had it!

 Yesterday I was cleaning my closet and found some old jeans that I used to wear a couple of years ago....man! I couldn't even fit my head in them if I tried! - that's how tiny they seem to me now! It's ridiculous!
So after feeling sorry for my self and hating the jeans I decided that I wanted a new goal for my weight loss:

To fit my ass in the stupid jeans again.....and let me tell you...there's a long way to that day:-S
So that's my new goal:-D

So that's the tiny jeans that I'm gonna try to fit in again

Look how tiny they are! Even my small Löwchen looks big in comparison. 

 Otherwise it's going okay...even though I'm out a lot I do drink the diet shakes and only eat regular dinner so that's something I'm proud of.

I've noticed that when I get cravings I can counter strike them with a cup of soup (you know, the powder kind that you just have to mix with hot water in a cup - it has only under 100 calories in one serving and I really think it's calories well spend because it does satisfy my cravings that could lead to over eating in the end..so..
I guess that it's always gonna suck being on a diet.
I just got to accept the crappyness and just roll with it until I can rock the tiny jeans again....

I'm gonna make a fresh "1 week weight loss update video" on Sunday so please tune in!

That's it for now...gonna go and make my self a cup of mushroom soup and do some home work;-)
Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Busy with my studies!

So the winter break is over and now I feel that I have a million things that I'm behind with!
So I decided that today is gonna be a BIG study day where I have to finish a big case study rapport by tomorrow and prepare for Thursday's social studies:-S.... a lot of reading involved there:-S

It was hard to start the week especially because I all ready know I'm gonna be busy the whole week.
So in order to cheer my self up I went down town and bought my self summit pretty;-p (earrings!) 

Look of the day...a bit lazy - no make up...but hey! at least I bothered to put some clothes on so I'm good;-P

I love my Babushka necklace

The sweater has zippers on both sleeves and metal beads as well:-)

The earrings have daisies in them.

The earring I've bought today:-) I'm gonna rock the flower ones to the left on Saturday on my big night out;-)

The study session:

Gucci's got my back! Don't even ask how much I have to read today!:-S  I'm SO tired!
Luckily there's always coffee..mmmm coffee...

I can always count on Gucci...she loves to help me study...(she sits on my books, walk on my school papers and demands my attention by barking and sighing)...at least she helps me take breaks:-D


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