Sunday, April 1, 2012

Practically living in the gym these days:-S

.....and from tommorow on I'll be there even more often - this madness must end now I NEED to see some results on that damn scale next sunday!

And yes I know that I shouldn't obsses over my weight but it's just not fair when I can see changes on my body but not on the scale:-/'s some pics of me and my new outfit for running. I busted my record running the 5k today: 34:07 minutes! Wuhuuu:-D

I had to get off the treadmill for this pic so the time says 34:29 but when I hit the 5k the time said 34:07:-)

Standing with my Nupo shake - bought the chokolate one this time and it's actually not that bad!

Totally ready to go and work out!

Too fast for the camera baby as lightning  ^^ LOL! :-D

Me on the crosstrainer - my biggest enemy! I hate the damn thing but it's just so effective when you need to burn some calories fast :-D

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