Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cute hairstyles for fall

Wherever I look I see either messy, wavy or braided hairstyles this fall.
Which is PERFECT for us "boho nerds"!!:-)

Let's just take a closer look on these high fashion hair trends shall we? :-)


  • You have your classical braid, fish braid and all the other kinds of braid here. Try to keep the style a bit messy if possible in order to give it that natural look.

  • And then you have the half and half braid where you let some of your hair loose and the other loosly braided. I personally LOVE this look!

You guys probably know by now how much I love wavy hairstyles.
This fall the madnes goes on and I can still go around rocking my waves:-P

- Oh by the way, I was thinking about making some video tutorials on how I curl my hair with and without heat - would you like me to do them for you?

  •   Okay, okay maby this ain't exactly "boho" hairstyles but I could just scream for this hair!


 So spend a half hour on curling your hair to pure perfection.....aaand THEN MESS IT ALL UP AGAIN:-D
Oh how I LOVE fall!

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