Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My favourite "hot drink" in the cold

It's super windy here where I live today. The sky is blue though so it's really just one of those many autumn days - perfect for a nice hot beverage and a good book:-)

Today I wanted to share some of my favourite hot drinks with you guys in the spirit of the colder times that awaits us:-) All of them can be easily made at home and with some creative decorations made into a lovely delight!

1. We have the classic cup of tea sweeten with honey and freshed up with a slice of lemon! This is pure nostalgia for me as I always got tea with honey and lemon as a child:-)
2. Hot chocolate with cream ans a sprinkle of cinamon is devine during those cold evenings to come!   
3. Irish coffe! Sometimes one just want a nice hot drink with a little "kick". Make sure to use a good quality whiskey and make the coffee strong to make it as authentic as possible. A generous amount of cream on top and a brown sugar cane on the side and the drink is ready to be served! You and your guests will love it!:-)

4. Another god sent drink is the chai latte! This is absolutely one of my top favourite drinks for fall/winter. Try to sprinkle some crushed almonds or cinamon on top of the cream - it's amazing!
What do you guys enjoy drinking when it's cold outside?
I also like the classic chai tea, latte and plain coffe but I thought that the other drinks were more fun to highlight for you:-)

Well that's all from me! I have guests comming later on and a workout to do!:-)
Have a great day and see you guys tomorrow!

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