Saturday, October 6, 2012

Warm delight to the sight - coat inspo!

I need to buy a new jacket for winter because the other one I had just look old.
I've been looking at some pretty cool ones already and just wanted to share some of the pics that gave me inspiration for this years coat shopping:-)
Trenchcoats are and will always be a classic choise!

This is such a cutie from Burberry
Coats with furry collar are to be seen EVERYWHERE...

This is my dream coat! I'm so digging the color!
This jacket resembles the one I'm thinking about buying for this winter. I think it's kinda cute - and warm too!

Very sophisticated and stylish coa

Well I hope you liked the items I found for you today:-)
I'm off to do my INSANITY workout for the day (3rd week still going) and then I'm gonna have me a little Cougar Town marathon! Wuup wupp!

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