Monday, October 1, 2012

"HOT accessories of the season" - SCARVES!

Maby that's the reason for my deep love for fall and winter?...anyway, I really enjoy this seasons scarf trends. The colors are amazing and just like last year we get to wear them BIG and COSY yay!!!:-)

 Lets take a look on some of the trends that we're going to see around this fall;

Leo print is in again this year!!

 TIP: Find scarves with light see through materials.

Another BIG trend is wool and woven scarves like the tube scarf! 

- My all time favourite trend this year! It's just SO cosy!

  There is only one thing that I like more than accessories;......and that's FUNCTIONAL accessories!
Scarves keep you warm and make any dull outfit look more stylish ^^

Some of the colors you're bound to run into this fall!

-So pretty!..

The last trend I want to highlight here is the oversized scarves.
The very looong type of scarf you can wear loosely around your neck with any outfit!

Well that's it for today my lovely readers!
I'm off to do my INSANITY workout and later have a nice quite evening with a book and a cup of tea:-)

I'll be back tomorrow with yet another post in the "HOT accessories of the season" series:-)

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