Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"HOT accessories of the season" - HATS!

Maby it's just me, but not everyone has a hat head....I know I don't!
But luckely there are a lot of styles to choose from this season so even though the "traditional" shaped hats don't really suits you you can always try some of the others in stead.

Let's tage a look at the two MOST popular hat looks this fall/winter - minus the traditional shaped hats:-)

The "baggy" kind is super IN this fall/winter!

Another BIG hit is the "russian styled" hats - my all time favourite!

Wether you like in woven or in fake fur, like me, you can be sure to look awesome in thi style!!!

If you still can't find the right style to suit your head shape you can always go back to the classics - earmuffs! Yes they are still in fashion!
Try to buy a pair in either fake fur or with some knitted patterns!

So there you go! Some fun inspo that you hopefully can use!


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