Friday, September 28, 2012

Look of the day - autumn trends!

I wanted to trend my look up for today:-)
I'm going away for the weekend and that always gives me a good excuse to try some bolder looks out - after all, no one knows you so you have plenty of room for wardrobe errors!

What I'm wearing:

Mustard yellow lace dress: from She likes clothing

Scarf w. owl print: from NewYorker

Leggings: Bik Bok

Blazer w. elbow patches:  from H&M 

Bag: from Mulberry

Boots: Whooga

                          My accessories:

Blue earings: from Accessorize

Medallion necklace: from a second hand store 

Make up: Very natural and casual looking.


...Okay, now I'm off to enjoy my self and my weekend away from all the stress and resposibilities!
Hope you liked my outfit of the day! It's really fun to experiment with this seasons trends:-D


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