Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beautiful handmade journals!

I love journals! I love giving them to people I care about and I love to buy them for just me!
I find them to be very special and almost magical because the person who gets them can put anything they like in them; deep secrets, inner hopes and dreams, reflections, stories and the list just go on!
It's just the perfect gift that can change someones life and eternalize them in ink!

Since I find journals to be special I also think that the journal itself must be and look special.
I found this one seller from UK that sells handmade leather journals with handmade paper.

I bought one of these journals for my brother last christmas and I swear these are so beautyfully done.
Handmade and just  amazing in quality and details!

This is the one I want to buy! I love how they have done the leaf prints on to the cover!
I'm gonna order one soon for myself but just wanted to show you some of them as inspo:-)

I really like the uneven edges this journal has.
I love this one! The skull on the front is so awesome!
Imagine having this on your bookshelf! Stunning!
I really like the leaster on this one!
I was so into wicca when I was a kid hehe...I wish I had a journal like that back then.
The link to this store is:

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