Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where to buy Freetress Equal wigs in UK

If you search on wigs on YouTube you will most likely end up looking at some kind of a review of a  Freetress Equal wig.
They are super popular and and especially in the US they are as common as tooth paste hehe :-P
 You can get them from various sellers like, etc.
But it's expensive and takes some time to get them across the ocean if you order them from the states.

I however found  a seller from UK on ebay that I have been buying from whenever I feel the urge to buy yet another Freetress wig^^
The price is not that bad considering how much one have to spent on shipping and taxes when ordering from US or Asia:-)

Anyways here's the link for the UK seller:

Here's some of my favourite styles from Fretress:

Hope you enjoy!

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