Saturday, August 4, 2012

New coffee table and chaiselong sofa

It's time for a change in our livvingroom!

Even though I really love our light leather sofa it's such a pain to have when you share it with 8 dirty paws!:-/
If I wanted it to look lovely and nice I would have to wash it down every day....and I'm just not that commited!
So we're currently looking for a sale so we can get our hands on a sofa like this one:
It's a grey woven material - perfect for hiding dirty doggy paw prints;-)
 Oh and we just bought this awesome coffee table I'm just dying to show you:-)
I'm thinking about painting it white when we get the new sofa. I just love antik furniture in white - it looks so shabby chic!
 And I really love the two drawers - no more mess!

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