Thursday, August 9, 2012

The best home made scrub mask in the world!

This is truely the best scrub mask that I have EVER tried!
It leaves your skin baby soft and well nourished:-)
Dark brown sugar is moist and has much smoother grain texture than ordinary sugar making it perfect for facial scrubs!

Super Sugar Scrub mask:

All you'll need is some dark brown sugar

Wash your face with luke water and start to gently massage the sugar in circular movements onto your face.
Massage for about 5 minutes until the sugar almost desolve into a sticky mass.

NOTE: You might need to apply some more water on your palms to melt the sugar into your face.
Let it sit on your face for another 15 minutes before you wash your face.

The theory on this mask is that your skin doesn't get ennough sugar which it needs in order to stay elastic and vibrant.

I promise that you will see immediate results:-)
enjoy your scrub!
.....oh....and this mask is also great as a body scrub under the shower;-)

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