Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cute persians:-)

I sooooo want a cat! It's crazy:-D
Right now we can't because we live in a fairly small house but in a year we will be moving to a much bigger place and then my dream will finaly come true^^

In September we are going to a cat show where we hope to meet som breeders. I will take pictures there and post them in here:-)

We are already searching for the right kitty now because we are pretty specific about how we want our kitty to look - and because we want a pedigree cat it can take quite some time to find the right one:-)
This is the kitty that we want..(well not that one but a similiar one)..look at those cute cheaks!

These cats are the best pets ever!
They look like teddybears and they are just so sweet and loving:-)
Oh can't wait!:-D

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