Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eating Mongolian bbq the LCHF way:-)

We'we been so good the last couple of weeks with our diets and now exercise that we decided to go out:-)
Our favorite restaurant is a mongolian bbq buffet where you can eat as much as you want and there are a lot of different choises:-)

Since we didn't want to compromise our diets we just ate 90% beef with garlic, soya and chilli and then some onions, leaks and mushrooms - it was sooooo good! And the amazing thing is that I'm not soore in my muscles as I was before - the proteins in the meet must have helped! 
Exercise wise I'm currently working on body toning with elastic bands.
I train 2x weekly 30minutes for the upper body including arms and
2x weekly 30 minutes for the legs and booty;-)

Tomorrow we're going out to swim - it's been a while since last time so I'm a bit excited about how I'm gonna look in my bikini:-/...oh well, it's not gonna get better unless I just go and do it!

Btw. I lost 300g since last tuesday so yay me!:-D
Okay guys...this a bit of a messy post:-/
Oh well...have a great day!

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