Monday, September 17, 2012

What is BOHO..??

Well for me Boho is not just a style but also a way to be.
The inspiration is taken from the 60'ies and the 70'ies but you can mix all kind of decades into the mix - there are no rules!
One thing that describes boho style is the vintage/hippie look.
 The hair is long, natural and wavy, the accessories are often big and in focus (like a hat, big glasses, big bracelets, head bands etc.).
 The use of natural materials as suede, leather, whool, feathers in natural colors are the key ingrediens!
  I personally find this style very romantic and feminin...It connects nature with fashion and it's a very casual and comfortable style that looks very stylish on any body shape.
 The BEST thing about this style is that it doesn't have to cost a fortune to get this look!
Most of the things you can get in thrift stores and second hand stores for a very reasonable price:-)
Vintage is in BIG times!

The accessories you can propably find in you grandmothers or mothers old jevelery box!
 Now for the bohemian make up you have to be careful not to go too crazy with the colors!
It's okay with, for example,  smokey eyes, some blush and pale lips but you really have to think "natural" for your routines and not use too much of foundation and bright colors. Just try to keep your color pallet near earth/nature tones and you'll be all right!

The accessories are very omportant in the bohemian wardrope!

I think that boho is PERFECT for people that bear nature close at heart. In my opinion the boho style is a statement that goes hand in hand with the eviroment frendliness, love of nature and animals, the love for vintage and second hand things, respect for- and honoring the past generations and  to taking time to appreciate what life is really all about...  but maby that's just me?!:-P

See you guys tomorrow!

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