Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's never to cold for boho!

We can't avoid it...not us here in the cold north's getting colder and soon the sun will be replaced by rain, wind and dark clouds.

But hey! That's no reason to stop dressing stylish:-) As matter a fact I find autumn to be the most stylish season of them all! Perhaps because you get to dress in layers and you can accessorize with glowes and hats and big cosy scarfs:-)

I've been browsing a bit for some inspiration for this season and here's just a little sample of what I found for you guys! Hope you enjoy and get inspired!:-)
As you can see form the pictures big scarfs are IN - the key mord is BIG so get your knitwear and start knitting! xD

Flower patterns, brown suede and oversized cardigans are a must in every bohemian wardrope this year...maby you can re-use some of your dresses from this summer?...
The gipsy patterns are also to bee seen almost everywhere this fall in both tuniques, skirts and dresses and these should be made from light materials complemented with big chunky sweathers, knitted cardigans or fur/suede:-)....try to search your local second hand stores:-)
This hat is so cute!....Don't forget big chunky jewelery to complete your boho look:-)

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