Thursday, September 6, 2012

Let's talk dresses for the fall!

So the last couple of weeks I've been browsing through a lot of fashion magazines to find a fokus point for my style this fall and I found that dresses seems to be a recurring factor in every place I looked.

So off I went online and bought some at where they have a HUGE sale on a lot of their fall items^^

The tendency for the dresses is that they all are very earthy and casual looking with weist bands, flower patterns, laces and not longer than down to the knees - I'm SO happy I've lost some weight hehe:-P
I've bought 4 dresses from this collection that I'm very eager to show you when they arrive:-)
I think I'm gonna do a little"photo shoot" with the dresses on and then post it here on my blog:-D
This would just go perfect with some suade cowboy boots (or Ugg boots;-P) a big oversize knittet scarf and perhaps a fun "russian style" hat!
This is a very interesting piece don't you think? Very 60ies!
I just love this one! It's very casual, long sleeved and the random dots and the breast pocket just makes this dress perfect!
This dress just begs for accessories!...but it's simple and cute AND if you're an accessorie freak this would be perfect for you:-)
This rusty red color is just beautiful! It reminds me of fallen leafs on the ground:-) I like it when the top is with patterns and the bottom is in just one color -it eavens it out and gives the dress nice ballance:-)
So hippie inspired! Oh I just think this is an awesome piece!
The material this dress is made of is wowen cotton so it's nice and warm - perfect for the fall!

So here's just a very little sample of what's hot in the "dress world" for this season!
Go nuts in dots, flowers and stripes:-D
Accessorize with wide suade belts, big owersize scarfs and suade boots!
Keep the colors toned down a bit but don't be scared of using the earth pallet - blue, rusty red, mustard yellow, brown, black, olive and beige are really hot:-)

That's all from me for today - have to get ready for my weekly swim - for some of these dresses I really nedd to slim a bit down:-D
Have a great day!

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