Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Boho Hobo...

Well there's only one way of describing my relationship with bags - I'm crazy about them!!!...
The sad part is that the ones I tend to love really much always cost more than my rent, my car AND my bills combined!:-/
My all time favourite brand is Mulberry and Miu's like they make bags just for me:-)
But hey, I'm not picky! A lovely Gucci hobo bag from the Guccissima colletction or a hot Balenciaga would do juuuust fine :-P

But even though I can't afford to go out and buy a new designer bag every month I still like to browse (drool) and get inspired from the "big guns" in the fashion world - at least that's free:-)

The bag fashion for the bohemian girl seams to be very similar to last season.
Hobo bags with as many charms, feathers and fringes as possible and big totes are always a hit!
Just think that the bag should look droopy and soft:-)

If you like patterns on your bags then try to find some in animal print (leopartd is back!), gipsy styled patterns and orientals.
Suede is very popular so don't be affraid to experiment with different colors and shades. Have you for example tried looking for a mustard or rusty red suede bag?...

TIP: Don't be affraid to give your old bag a make over!
A couple of charms, a little feather or some neat badges might just do the trick;-)
...*sigh*...I wish I could win the lottery!

But while I'm waiting for that to happen I'm sure I can get a lot of fun out of the bags I have...It's all about being creative:)

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