Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DIY elbow patches the cheap way!

So you've propably seen these jumpers on the street already - the elbow patches are BACK big time this season!
I personally think they look great and I'm finding myself having a major patch crush! <3
....But they are quite expensive:-/  It seems that the value of a jumper these days sky rocket when you add some square inches of suade material on to it. .. sooo I descided to go thrift shopping for some suede materials and get creative and save some money!.....the slogan for the day; be creative - save a daim:-P
I was lucky to find a second hand suede jacket for under 4 dollars but you can use anything you want for this little "arts and crafts" project:-) Just go and visit your local thrift shop and I'm sure you'll find something.....Okay, Let's get started!
The suede jacket that I'm gonna use for the patches



1. Find a jumper, cardigan, sweater (what ever you like) and measure hvor big you want the patches to be and where. I'm gonna use my new grey oversized jumper for this.
The jumper I'm gonna transform

2. Cut a round "oval circle" in a piece of paper and put it over the suede. That way you'll know where to cut the suede and get two uniform and eaven pieces for your elbows:-)
I used a white pencil to draw the line where I'm suppose to cut.

3. Get your sewing kit and sew the patches into place all the way around.

I used a grey thread. 

And there you go! Your own fashionable elbow patched piece for cheaps:-D 


Here's some other things that I've used the suede jacket for ^^
I've sewn in a suede pocket into this long t shirt...cool huh?:-)

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