Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My new Whooga UGG boots have arrived!:-D yay!

I'm just soooo pleased with these boots:-)
The leather is butter soft and the inside of the shoe is warm and fluffy - basically like walking on a cloud!

I ordered them thursday late on the evening and got them Tuesday by a nice DHL delivery man:-)
That's one of the great things when ordering from UK - the shipping time is phenomenal and you don't have to pay extra for import fees.
I will be making a video review of my new best friends shortly so stay tuned for my honest opinion;-) you can watch it either here on my blog or on my YouTube channel:
The boots are made from 100% Australian sheep skin and many people compare them to the brand "Ugg Australia" in both comfort and quality.
I think that real Ugg boots are generally a tad pricey but I guess that quality and price go hand in hand:-/ I payed 89 British Pounds for them and about 13 puonds for the shipping (express delivery).
In comparison to the "Ugg Australia" brand Whooga are WAY CHEAPER!!!
The color that I ordered is called "chocolate brown" and my shoes are the tall classic model.
You can also buy them in a shorter version.
 Oh and did I mention that right now Whooga is having a HUGE sale where you can save 40% on these boots!?? ^^
So to sum up; I'm a very pleased costumer and I have very warm feet!:-)

See you guys tommorow and don't forget to stop by to watch my Whooga review which will be up some time next week:-)



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