Thursday, September 20, 2012

Look of the day - Jewelery thrift shopping!:-)

Thrift shopping is so damn addictive!
I've been at it again and this time we visited two different shops to scoup up some awesome jewelery items for autumn:-)


  •  I went with my new knitted mini dress in these awesome autumn colors which I simply adore! 
  • I have my new minty colored scarf (form last time I was thrift shopping). 
  •  For accessories I used a rusty red leather head band, my brown leather belt and my big leo printed tote (the bigger the bag the more room for ones finds xD) 
  •  Lastly I paired it all with some panty hose, my warm black kneehigh socks and ugg's:-)



 I found this beautiful medalion the first place we went and it was love at first sight!
I payed around 2 dollars for it:-)

This bracelet was brand new and I got it for about a dollar:-) It's super cote and has a lot of pretty charms as feathers, keys, hearts and a butterfly!

...And last but not least I got all of these cool bracelets! I think it was a profitable day where I got some unique pieces - and the best part is that i got all of it for under 6 dollars!...yay!:-P

Make sure to tune in tomorrow where I'm gonna post my video review of my new Whooga Ugg's:)

...can't wait that long?...then visit my YouTube channel tonight for the ultra fresh video:

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