Monday, September 10, 2012

Why is yoga so hard?!!??

I'm writing this while my body aches like it's been run over by a train or something!
*sigh* I wanted to try this yoga thing that everyone is talking so fondly about....BIGGEST mistake ever!
While everyone talks about how it "relaxes" your body and "helps" you get in "ballace" I did not have that experience at all!
Most of the poses we did I just kept thinking that "my body just broke" and often I seriously didn't know how on earth I would get out of the poses again- without calling the ambulance that is!:-/
...So after the most fear strucking yoga lesson ever my body seriously just felt like crying...

I guess that my body just isn't made for all those wierd poses. My arms are too short and my torso too long and my legs just not flexible ennough:S The only peace I felt during this "relaxing" hour was when it all ended and I could literary crawl out to shower the pain away:-P
So yoga for me thank you!
Note: This is not a relaxing matter how pretty de damn sunrise is and how freakin smooth the background music plays!
What about you guys, do you have any experience with yoga?

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