Friday, September 14, 2012

Thrift shopping - second hand fashion

You know how I love to go treasure hunting in second hand stores. You can find stunning pieces for a fraction of the normal price and you can get some really uniqe things:-)
Yay! Going to the second hand store:-D

Today it was just an awfull weather. It was raining and you could almost smell that the fall is here already.
I Bought this brown suede juacket for my "pocket and elbow patch" project for this fall ^^

So in the spirit of the cold and wet weather I descided to go thrift shopping at a local "red croos" store.
Under 1 dollar for this wonderful minty green scarf!
This is my "special project" jumper. I'm gonna sew in elbow and shoulder patches in it and wear it with the russian hat below, my Ugg's and a pair of warm pantyhoes ^^

I like the metalic buttons on the shoulders - that's very "in" this season;-)...maby I'm gonna sew in some elbow patches in this piece aswell. What do you guys think?...
This is just such a cute piece! It's 100% silk with shoulder pads - soooo pleased with this purchase...only 2 dollars ^^
It doesn't look of much but I've already started on sewing in a suede pocket in it and it looks great!
So here you can see how it's gonna look. The shiny material is just perfect for the suede pocket because it makes the pocket really styand out!
Now I only have to sew the pocket in:-) I'm thinking of usind a brown thread.

This is just a basic rusty red blouse but the color really works on me and with a cool cardigan it's gonna look great!
The picture doesn't do justice for this oversized sweater - it's so chic! It's very short but also wide so I have to have a tight long tank top underneath it. But just a super warm and comfortable piece in a fall color.

Every season I spice my wardrope up with some cool pieces that are second hand - it's not only fashionable - it's common sence and good for the eviroment! ;-)

So if you like some of my new items I urge you to go on your own little thrift adventure and see what treasures you'll find at your local second hand store:-)

I'll be back tomorrow with a new post!
Now I'm off to my sewing kit - I have a jacket that I need to cut into pieces and jumpers that need elbow patches and shoulder pads;-) (I'll be posting a "DIY tutorial" on that soon!)

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