Friday, March 9, 2012

Exclusive Friday shopping

Today I went to this super exclusive store with interior decor and clothes, candles and stuff like that - all in a "shabby chick" style and to my luck they had a 50% sale on EVERYTHING that I could buy twice as much hehe ...naaah just kiddin! But I did buy some super nice items...have a look;

I bought these two lavender small candle holders and one big square candle holder

The candle holders are made of cracked glass inside so it gives that vintage look to them...stunning!

I'm gonna place a big purple square candle on top and maybe pimp it up with some decor stones in the bottom

This dress just stood out and spoke to me.
I couldn't leave the store without it!
It has two layers.
The first one is a full slip that has a slim fit and the next layer is made of flowery lace:-)
It's gorgeous! 
Stunning dress and I got in for half the price!!!

It has a decorative elastic under the boobs for a better form fit ^^  I'm gonna wear this one a lot!
My new "Princess Maja" earring:-P

When I finally thought that I couldn't afford to buy anything else I saw these sweet clip on earrings!
Come on! They have MY first letter AND the letters are on a CROWN....I just couldn't resist the temptation:-)

Tonight we're gonna watch x-factor and drink some beer and perhaps play some Eden Eternal later on ^^

Tomorrow night we're gonna have some friends over for some nice dinner and a super fun board game called "Ego"'s hilarious! 
You get  questions like "If you found somestolen  money what would you do?.." and then you choose from 3 different answers but so the others can't see what you have picked. Then the rest of the players must guess what you've picked:-)
...Anyways it's super fun and some of the questions are really crazy so that's gonna be a very nice evening.

Hope you're gonna have a great weekend as well! 

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