Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pics of new comp, todays outfit for bodypump and my new make-up brushes are finally here!

It's just a lovely day today:-)
Just getting ready to go to the gym for my two workout classes;
Cxworks and bodypump but wanted to post some pics of our new baby notebook and my make-up brushes:-)

The brushes came in this fine looking leather pouch

The brushes are 100% real hair and extremely pleasant to work with:-) well worth the price!Bought on


Gucci was helping Lasse with the computer:-)


My Edd Hardy cap some sweat pants and a fitness top:-)

Me and my guns:-P
Well that's it from me today - I'm on my way out to gain some muscles and tonight when I come home I'm gonna play some sims on the new computer:-)

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  1. I guess you spend a lot of hours in playing The Sims on your new and improved laptop, Maja. I’m sure you cannot wait to get home from the gym or from your work to explore and just have fun with your computer. Just a simple suggestion though, I think you should purchase a laptop table/desk for you to maintain a good posture, while spending hours of browsing and gaming.

    Lance Vartanian



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