Sunday, March 25, 2012

My weight loss journey - week 5 update

So it's that time of the week already you guys:-)

Today I weigh:

I lost:

I'm a bit disappointed because I don't feel that the scale is reflecting all my hard work this week but I just have to exercise even more next week and I'm sure I'll loose more weight next Sunday - otherwise this is gonna take a whole more time that I planned it to... 

As I also explain in the video I just couldn't get my head around shooting the actual weigh in with my camera this morning - not with out the coffee and since I wanted weight to be as accurate as possible I couldn't drink any coffee first so in stead you can see a picture of my weight from earlier today here.

The weight is comming of sooo slowly....stupid scale!

Have a great fat loosing week you guys!
Don't give up and thanks for watching!
Lots of love

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