Tuesday, March 13, 2012

To the gym getting fit

Today I had the day off and even though I have like a ton on homework to do I didn't do it.
Instead I went to the gym where I burned some 600 calories and had a lovely "stay at home" day.

Sometimes that's the best days ever:-)
Anyway, I took some pics of the new decor stuff that I recently bought with lid candles this time.

 The small ones really lid bright!
In the background you can see Lasse chilling on the sofa and in the front you can see Joeys ass :-D   

We washed all the windows today: ^^

They always sit there and just stare outside...especially now 
 because we have the garden full of birds!

Joey loves to sleep here because it has the best sun spot in the house!


Look how clean the windows are behind me - that's just a "stay at home" day well spend ^^

Have a great day!

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