Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Midweek status on weight loss journey

It's really going great!
I'm on week 4 now with the VLCD nupo shakes and 1 normal meal a day and even though the first two weeks didn't go that great things have certainly come around for me since that:-)

I still pretty much eat 2-3 shakes a day and drink a lot of "powder soups" with low calories and then the one normal meal a gets easier to live like this after a while and you get fuller much quicker that before.
Sometimes I get a little crazy though...probably because I get SO tired of the shakes hehe...but it helps to fixate on the goal..I mean nobody said anything about this being easy!

Anyway just a little update for you on how it's going:-)

Crazy person fixing herself a vanilla/mango diet shake: 

I don't know what I was doing...I was preparing a shake after coming home from a mentally disturbed kinda way (I get like that some times when I'm lacking on coffee)..

I'm working out a lot too. Monday I was at the gym, Tuesday I went for a run and today I'm going to the gym as it's really uplifting:-)

The only thing that I have noticed is, that my endurance and stamina is decreasing due to the low calorie intake. I knew that this would happen because the company stated it in their pamphlet where they also only recommend light exercise so I try to keep up without hurting my body.     

...And we're shakin'....


I really hope that you guys are doing great as well....the trick is really to NOT GIVE UP - FIGHT every day..even if there are days where you feel that you could eat a whole horse (or even IF you eat a whole horse) you shouldn't give up!                                                                      Have a lovely day<3 

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