Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring is here!

Yay finally first of march arrived and according to my calender that means that the first day of spring is here:-)
The weather was btw AMAZING's crazy that there was a thick coat of snow aoutside just a few weeks ago.
It was like 15 degrees (celcius) and the sun was shining from beginning to end so we got our garden furniture aoutside and ate lunch outside:-)

 I found my vintage tunic in the closet and decided that it was perfect for this day:-)

Oh and don't mind the sweat pants hehe...I took my black leggings off when I came home because I was out planting some spring flowers in the garden:-)...(pictures of them will follow) 

It was so warm that you didn't even need a coat:-)

Hope you had a hreat 1st spring day as well:-)

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