Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A lovely "video making" day

Today yours truly went home to my mom's to shoot some video's for you guys:-)
The weather was- as always these days, lovely!
Both me and Lasse had the whole day off so we just spend it hanging out at my mom's and afterwards we just hung out at home:-)
Lasse planted some new chilli plants (we like spice hot chillies) and I surfed a round on the internet.
Later we will play some Eden Eternal ^^

Update on my 3rd week of VLCD;
Doing really good this week:-D
I'm keeping my calorie intake at the bare minimum - I feel strongly motivated and I don't have cravings so that's very positive:-)
A fellow youtuber has sent me a video on dieting that has inspired me so I'm really feeling good this week!

Look of the day:

I'm just wearing some light blue jeans leggings and a black dress with poofy shoulders. The hair that I'm rocking is my new "Cosabella" in color 4/27/30 -  let me tell you, this color is made for me I swear! It just melts right in with my real hair color:-)
And it's just SO pretty:-)
I will make a review of this wig in this color soon and post it here on my blog and on my youtube channel:-)

I took the cutest picture of Lasse and Joey!
Joey was so happy to see us today that he almost "hugged" Lasse back:-D...so cute!<3

Have a great day!

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