Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring styles that I like:-)

I was just browsing for some spring inspiration and found some looks that I liked.
Oh how I like to shop!...*droool*...I need to win in the lottery soon I really d, that's the only way I can afford all that lovely clothes and accesories:-D.

This is just SO me..this is what you would see me in on a hot summer day for sure - I love the color and the style!

The leggins I already have but I really need this top as well.
It's so casual yet stylish. I would probably pimp it up with a belt or a big brooch.

I need some "bad ass" leather ballerinas too. 
Well it doesn't get more "urban nymph" than this! Brilliantly knitted cardigan and what a great color! It's super expensive so I  need to find a cheaper substitute but it's so pretty! The dress is very this outfit! 

I'm not all to crazy with that particular skirt that the model is wearing but I find the top to bee stunning!

The pattern and color makes this top perfect for a pair of shorts or skinny jeans!...(MUST loose the damn weight to get into a pair ASAP).

It's a cute top. 
I only uploaded this style because I know that colored pants  are in style right now...I would never wear them myself as I look as we speak...I do like the top's so sailor-ish..

All this has been found on

I'm of to the gym working the pounds of and later perhaps I'm gonna treat myself with a little beauty facial mask: ^^
Have a lovely day everyone!

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