Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mordheim and work

So today I had to work the whole day...that sucked....but at least we had fun when I came home:-D

Look of the day:
What's up!?!

Today I'm rocking my new Obsession wig from Forever young and a salmon red waist short cardigan. A form fitted black top underneath and a p
air of grey jeans.

I have accessorized it with some brown wooden earings (that you can't see on the pics I now see) and a matching bracelet:-)   

BTW I think that it's starting to show that I'm finally loosing some weight:-D


I promised to play along a game of Mordheim tonight (tabletop game) and just rest up because I really get tired on work days:-S 

And later I will treat my self with a mud mask and a looong shower:-) 

More from me tomorrow where I'm gonna do and upload my 4th week weight loss journey vlog update ^^   - this time with the horrid pictures of my body (so that I have some before pics to compare when I get thinner). 

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