Sunday, March 18, 2012

The "before" pictures taken now and the scales verdict...

Okay...these are the first series of pictures of me.....not a pretty sight trust me I know but I need these photos so that I can compare them to new pictures that I will post every 4th week.

In that way I will be able to see the difference (hopefully) and there is just nothing as motivating as pictures where you can see the difference :-D

So they are:

back (I've never seen my self from the back before - it's horrible!)
 The Weigh in:

  • This morning I weight 78,2 kg / 172 pounds / 13,8 stones
  • The goal is to weigh 59 kg / 130 pounds / 10,4 stones  
  •  I need to loose: 19 kg / 42 pounds / 3,35 stones  

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