Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My computer broke:-S

So Monday morning I woke up and tried to open my computer but it wouldn't start.
I had my very own computer expert (Lasse is a medialogist) to look at it and unfortunately it wasn't to fix so I couldn't write on my blog before today where we went out to bay a new computer:-D

I LOVE it it's an ASUS notebook n53s series and it's perfect:-D 

I'm gonna take some pics of it later but here are some look of the day pics from yesterday where we had the inlaws for dinner.

Just a casual look with an oversize sweater and a embroided top underneath.

I'll write more often now that I have the new computer:-)
But everything is great!
Take care!


  1. I can almost feel your excitement from here! Haha! Do you have any idea what happened to your old computer? I still hope it’ll be fixed even though you’ve already gotten a new unit. Maybe some of its parts just need to be replaced. I do hope you have a backup of your files though

    Benita Bolland

  2. Hehe...yeah I was super excited that day:D
    Well sadly the computer never worked again:-/
    Lasse thinks that it just died from "old age" and that there was nothing we could do.
    He did however manage to get some valuable pieces out and reuse them to enhance our other computers:-)
    And we did manage to get the files out of it as well so all in all it wasn't the worse thing that could happen;-)
    Thanks for the comment!
    Have a lovely weekend!



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