Thursday, March 1, 2012

My favorite shoes!

I was going through my shoe collection and took my all time favorites out.
Here's some pictures of some of them;

 I'm not a very high person so heals are a must! Fortunately heels will never go out of style:-)

These babies have a wrinkle effect in the front and a zipper in the back...real rock chick style!

My "urban nymph" sandals:-)
They have a really cool buckle on the sides and it's an "open foot" style.
Really like those!

Just your average summer sandals but I love the beaded front and the "big toe" leather strip:-)

They're just great for everything!

These babies are in the color called coral....I love the braided front, the sexy curve to the back with the zipper and just the whole design of the versatile and so comfy;-)

Admittedly these shoes are'nt made for walking...but come on!...snake print, metallic beads, braided front AND snake printed heels!!!??:-D Who can resist all that?!...

 Now all I need is for the summer to come:-)

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