Saturday, March 3, 2012

In search for a beach house...

We have decided that it could be fun to spend our spring holiday at the beach in a cool beach house.
We could really use some fresh air and some quiet and the best part is that dirty shedding dogs are most welcome;-)
Sooo since the weather was so great today (and it really was) we decided to drive up to the area that we want to rent the house from and take a look around before ordering:-)
The pictures we took were AMAZING I cant wait to come back with a REAL camera!

Anyway here are some pics from today.:-)
LOOK OF THE DAY: We went for dinner at my mom's house afterwards and it was so warm that you didn't even need a jacket!^^

I can really imagine my self running in between the fields of heather along the sand dunes. The ocean is just behind the dunes.

The beach houses were incorporated directly in the dunes with the most beautiful views!

It was windy as hell there and the wind was quite chilling!

It was like we were in a little valley of dunes with the beach houses hidden within them.

We had a lot of fun! The nature was just so dramatic and beautiful. 

We didn't go to the beach because it was really windy but we did drove along the bay:-)

We DID find the house we want to rent BTW:-)

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