Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pics of me at the gym earlier today

I kinda sinned yesterday:-/
Ate like 1000 calories too much so off to the gym I was sweating the fat away!

I will not give up I just need to continue with what I'm doing and not let a slip ruin it all for me.

I really hate to slip though:-/ It sucks sooo bad!....Now I will have to train even harder for the rest of this week so that I can get rid of the extra calories - I really want there to be a difference on the scale when I weigh in on Sunday.

It's important to build muscles when you're on a weight loss journey

I ran a 5k in 37minutes and 35 seconds today!
My goal is to be able to run a 5k in under a 30 minutes :-)

...there's a loong way! 

I love the local gym I go to - there are almost no people if you come before noon ;-)

Remember always to train your breast muscles - it lifts the ladies AND give you a fuller chest area;-)

My usual training routine consist of:
  • Running a 5 k as quickly as I can on the treadmill (That's about 325calories).
  • Body tone with weights and machines upper body the one time and legs/butt the next time. 

If I sinned really bad I do 600 calories on various cardio machines and then the body toning.

So thanks for taking a look into my fitness life:-D

I hope you guys are doing good <3

  • Just don't give up if you slip one time!

  • Just get up and do something and you'll feel a lot better!

  • You don't have to feel fat and ugly for the rest of your life - it's up to you:-)


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  2. “I will not give up I just need to continue with what I'm doing and not let a slip ruin it all for me.” – That’s the spirit! Nothing great comes easy; keep that in mind. It is certainly a good feeling after you have released a good amount of sweat in a day. It makes you feel stronger and lighter. Being healthy and fit is indeed a choice. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Carmelia Paradise @NorthWest CrossFit



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