Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To school, to luch to school again!

Well the new week began just as abrupt as the last one...the weekend went so fast!!!
Today I went out for lunch with my darling - that was a nice break from it all:-)
We went to a Chinese place and had some Chop Sui...yummy!
Afterwards it was back to school for another round of "social injustice" at school:-)

Tonight I'm gonna play Eden Eternal with Lasse....a new game I've heard about from another blog..it's free and super fun - kinda like "WOW meets my little pony" hehe...looking forward to it:-)

Look of the day; "Business nymph"
Getting ready for school

"Did I remember my Lipgloss?"....yup, the lipgloss was there!:-)

At school;

Sooo tired! Had classes till 15:50.

Took a picture of my "homemade" decopage calender...! LOVE IT! It's SO urban nymph:-D

.....still tired....can't wait to get home and play Eden Eternal!..(It's important to have some fun and take breaks when you're busy) =o)

 My lunch break with Lasse;

"Hey sweetie - ready?" - "let's go!".

.....stopping for gas on the way...

Tasty spring rolls!:-D
We LOVE Chinese food...that's like our favorite! 

There was a bottle on the table "vine of the month" so we decided to have some fun with it...don't worry we didn't drink it;-)

It was a lovely lunch break:-)
Later that day....

The gaming area :-D...Lasse took our tv and hooked it to his laptop for max gaming ecperience:-P

It's gonna be a great evening!

...Nothing says "Game on" like an ice cold beer;-)

Have a great evening!
If your "in game" say hi - my name is Mallina and I'm on aquamarine;-)

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