Sunday, February 19, 2012

7 new wigs coming in!

So I've just ordered  some new wigs from and I'm over the top happy because I got 7 wigs for the price of 5!!! (I love to save money!)

I was actually just browsing around on the web when I stumbled upon their frontpage where they stated that for every 2 Forever young wigs that you buy you will get the 3rd for free (only till midnight today). 
Since I always buy at least 5 wigs from them because I get international shipping free when purchasing for over 200$ I got 2 wigs ekstra for free! - I saved both shipping and 83 dollars;-)
 Now that's something mama likes;-) are some pics of the wigs that I will be getting in 3 weeks time:-)

This heavenly wig is called Cosabella from forever young in color 4/27/30


I have ordered this wig in two different colors:
 Number 4/27/30 and number 24BT18

This is obsession by forever young. I have been wanting to try her out for some time now.
Obsession in the color I have ordered

The color I've ordered is called 24BT18
I love this's stunning and so realistic looking:-)

This is Susan by forever young. She's a long straight style. I wonder if it tangles a lot?
This is Susan in the color 24BT18

To your left you can view the color that I have purchased Susan in:-) I'm quite anxious about this one but I think it's gonna be very pretty in the summer with a maxidress and maby a flower in one side.

This is my favorite wig at the moment. She is called Picture perfect by Forever young
Picture Perfect in color 24BT18

I've ordered this wigs in two different shades:
One in color 24BT18 and the other one in color 8-12-24BHL

If you would like to see my review of this wig please click here:

The last wig I've ordered is this one: Touchable tease by Forever young in color 8-12-24BHL wich is the color shown on this picture...Loving the color and the style:-)
So these is the wigs that I have ordered:-) all I have to do is wait...and wait....ans wait for them to arrive and go through customs...*sigh*...that can take a while:-S

Now I will go and do some spring cleaning:-)
The sun is shining and it's 4 degrees (celcius) the birds are singing in outside so it really fells like spring:-)

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