Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Loosing weight - and keeping it off this time!

It has been 6 months since I quit smoking.
It has been the best thing ever and I'm very proud and happy to be smoke free.
Unfortunately quitting smoking has required sacrifices 

I gained 15kg (33 lb)!!!...yeah I's very much:-(

I have tried desperately to loose some weight but it's very hard for me because I have food cravings and because I get very irritated and have food on my mind.
After some days I just give in for my cravings and put every pound on that sucks big time!

I have actually tried to loose weight for as long as I remember (some times more seriously than others) but I have never been as big as I am now and I just can't live with my self like this anymore!

I get so insecure when I see my self in the mirror or when I see some old pictures of me.
I don't buy as much clothes as I did before and when I do buy something I always make sure that it covers me up as much as possible.

Lately it has become an issue in my relationship as well....I just lack confidence in my self and even though my husband thinks I'm beautiful and tells me this in a regular basis I don't believe it because I don't think I'm beautiful:-(

So yeah...this has to change and the excess weight must go! 

I will start a video diary where I will be talking about my weight loss journey (or battle) and how it's going - how I'm holding up, what I do when the cravings come and stuff like that:-) 

Me in Greece - so happy, so thin..not knowing what was about to happen with the weight *sigh*

I have tried many different diets in my life:
Calorie counting
Diet pills
Diet shakes
you name it - I've probably done it

My new approach this time is as following:

I will drink diet shake (meal replacement - very low calorie diet) during the day and eat regular dinner.
In this way I can get something solid and tasty to eat once a day and (hopefully) avoid the cravings AND loose weight due to the low calorie intake during the day:-)
Brilliant?....Damn right :-P

The mango/vanilla diet shake - not to bad!

I bought my shakes (or rather the powder to blend a shake from) from a danish company called Nupo.
It's very popular here!
It has all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs and the calorie intake is about 200 kcal per shake.
They have different flavours to choose from but the only two that I like are the mango/vanilla and Caffé Latte flavour.

It's not as tasty as Slim fast (I bought some last time I was in Germany - we don't have it in Denmark) but it will have to do and once you get use to the taste it's not that bad:-)
Actually it's rather tasty and the best part is that it takes away the hunger feeling;-)

My goal is to loose all the weight that I have gained until summer. That's 15kg or 33lb that we're talking about here!:-S
I will still exercise 5-6 hours a week but I din't think that it's a good idea to increase the amount of my fitness at this moment because I will only be getting around 1200kcal a day so I have to be careful not to exhaust my body to much.

I can't wait to have my old body back and when I do I will NEVER take it for granted again!!!

Lets just watch the path of doom that I have walked shall we?
Me in the summer - thin...I can't even fit into that suit anymore!

It's a wierd picture but it shows how thin I want to be again:-)

The stomach is beginning to show but still blissfully happy  because I finally had big breasts! (i guess that's the first thing that happens when you gain weight).
Here the ass and legs has already gone huge! I started to notice my body changing and started to wear a lot of black because black slims (btw it was hot like hell that day and I was frying in that stupid suit).
Me making an effort to loose weight at body combat class (dyed my hair back to slim down my face)
This is how despair looks you guys - I was defeated and I gave up for a while:-(
Me's so sad....:-(
As you can see it has been down the hill for me since summer and now I have hit the hard bottom and have to find a way to bounce back (and preferably before summer so I can wear bikinis again!).

Hope you will join me in this battle and journey:-)
Take care and good luck to all of those who are struggling with weightloss aswell!  

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