Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fun with mum and dad

So here are some random pics of the kiddies having fun with each other and us:-)
I love these pictures because they always bring a smile on my face:-)
I hope you enjoy as mutch as I do!
Ready for andventure!

Wait for meee!! fun in the snow:-)

It's so nice to cuddle with dad:-)

What's up?!

For mee?...Joeys christmas present:-)

Gucci's chair...the throne;-)

Relaxing in the shade after some hardcore playing.

hardcore playing:-)

Joey is being swept away:-) he loves it:-)

Gucci is about to open one of her presents (x-mas)

It wasn't us...we were here all the time:-)

Though small they do take up a lot of space:-P

Meet Joey - our parrot!:-.D

Family picture (took like 100 retakes) but it ws worth it:-)

It's nice to be 2:-)

So....just a little sample of some fun pics we have of the kiddies:-)
We have tons of pics like that! (we really love taking pictures hehe:-P
But mst of the picture are with just one of them because when they are together they almost always play ore move around somehow so it's a bit hard to take some good pics where both of them are in.

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